Data Security

Confidentiality and Ownership of Client Data

Data Security

Yaazh Xenomics takes the responsibility to keep confidentiality of client projects and data seriously. Client data is housed within Yaazh Xenomics data system protected by different latest security measures. These include multiple firewalls, appliance-based intrusion prevention system,  secured socket layers (SSL) and layered antivirus filtering systems. In addition, client data is stored in a server network protected by electronic access control. 

 Data Confidentiality

All client projects are marked with Lab codes (not by the names of clients), and all samples are marked with barcodes. Our scientists and technicians handle client samples only by these codes, and would not be able to obtain identities of the clients or the associations with their samples. As a result, client participation is treated in a confidential manner, and samples are securely handled throughout our processes by automated instruments. 

At the end of the project, we can destroy these samples on site. 

Ownership of Samples and Data Generated
Unlike other service providers, Yaazh Xenomics does not seek any ownership of either the client samples or the data generated from client projects. Our client has 100% ownership of all the samples sent to Yaazh Xenomics and 100% ownership of all the data generated. We will not ask to be a part of the author lists in client's publications or share their intellectual properties.