Picture of Sanger DNA Sequencing  (Purified PCR Product)

Sanger DNA Sequencing (Purified PCR Product)

₹ 350.00

Sanger DNA Sequencing - For unpurified PCR samples add PCR cleanup services along with this service. PCR product (purified) recommended Concentration 50ng/μℓ PCR product (non-purified) recommended Concentration 100ng/μℓ Plasmid recommended Concentration 100ng/μℓ Require sample Volume : 20~30μℓ Example: If you send 300bp of PCR product, 30ng/μℓ of a sample require for better results (100bp = 10ng/ μℓ). It is recommended to check the PCR product concentration through electrophoresis rather than Nano-drop. To cleanup PCR products please use commercially available PCR purification spin column kits.